Flexispy Review

Flexispy is an application that you install on a cell phone in order to spy on someone. It offers monitoring solutions for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia Symbian to corporate, consumer and government market. Flexispy was set up in 2004, and has been rendering excellent services ever since. It supports and develops its own products with strong customer service that includes online phone support, live chat, and so on.

How Does Flexispy Work?

The workflow of Flexispy is quite easy to follow. You need to purchase the license that is valid for 12 months, and thereafter install the software onto the target cell phone. The events such as calls, contacts, text messages, and so on gets captured, and all the information gets uploaded in your web account. You can access the data anytime through any computer with web connectivity.

Quick Features

  • View text Messages, emails, and call logs
  • Track through GPS locations
  • Listen to spy call and live calls
  • SIM Change Notification
  • Complete Remote Control
  • Read emails sent and received from the target phone
  • View the address book
  • And much more
Flexispy Benefits

a) Catch an unfaithful spouse

  • You can keep tabs on your spouse’s cell phone as you get to view their SMS, chats, and email logs. 
  • The application has the ability to detect where they are through GPS positioning. 
  • With the help of SIM change notification feature, you can find out if your spouse is using another SIM to cheat on you. 
  • You can identify and analyze your spouse’s group of contacts.
b) Law Enforcement

Flexispy provides investigators the right to use detailed information at high levels. The application logs the data from the cell phone, and records them in a safe database. You can use Flexispy to monitor and capture the information such as:

  • Emails
  • SIM Change
  • Entries in the Address Book
  • Calls
  • Internet Traffic
  • Locations through GPS and Cell ID
  • Chats
  • Text Messages
c) Child Protection

Flexispy is designed specifically to offer tools to parents that help them protect their children from the mobile world. It is indeed a powerful monitoring application that offers you full control on your child’s cell phone. The application offers the following benefits to you as you can:

  • Locate your children at once
  • Safeguard your kids from internet predators
  • Put a stop to bullying
  • Offer parental guidance and supervision
d) Corporate Mobile Management

This particular cell phone management application empowers you to track, monitor, and control all the mobile phones in your company regardless of provider. Flexispy helps you to:

  • Track cell phone usage in your company
  • Backup all cell phone data into a single centralized server
  • Safeguard confidential data from competitors
  • Track inventories of mobile phone effectively

To conclude, Flexispy is an outstanding monitoring application that offers endless features and benefits to its users. The application offers money back guarantee for subscribers, and also has a strong backup to provide best services to customers. Flexispy works discreetly to help you achieve the purpose of monitoring on someone.