Mobile Spy Software

MobileSpy, the state-of-the-art mobile monitoring application, is an advanced program that helps you monitor someone’s smartphone activities. Everything you need to do is to simply install it onto the target person’s cell phone; it will start recording each and every activity that the person does on his/her cell phone, and uploads them as logs to an authorized online account.

The need to monitor someone, such as your teenage son to know if he is indulged in any wrong companionships, your employee to know if he is misusing his company cell phone privileges or if he is leaking any of your business secrets to your rivals, and so on.

Mobile Spy is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and others. You can checkout its official website to know detailed information, such as model numbers that are compatible with this innovative mobile monitoring app.

Once you install the app onto the user’s cell phone, it records and uploads activities, such as SMSs, calls, browsing history, contacts including that are recently added, images and videos, memos, GPS locations that the target person was present at given intervals, and so on.

How Does Mobile Spy Work?

Step #1 – Check Compatibility

First thing you need to do before downloading Mobile Spy is to check the compatibility. This app works on numerous smartphones including BlackBerry, Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android. Mobile Spy is also compatible with jail-broken iPad. 

Step #2 – Download and Install Mobile Spy Onto Target Phone

Go to the official mobile spy website, download the software to the target smartphone. The download hardly takes few minutes. Once download is complete, you can install the smartphone onto the phone.You can refer the user guide, if you need any help with installation. You can also contact Mobile Spy online support, if you can't figure it out yourself.

Step #3 – Monitor Activities Online

Once the Mobile Spy is installed and configured, it is ready to silently monitor the target phone. Mobile Spy remains active in the smartphone from the time you began monitoring. The app starts in the background during the boot-up process of the smartphone. Then, Mobile Spy records and uploads the mobile activity logs to your online account. In order to view the uploaded logs, you need to login to the online account through the created username and password. Once you enter the control panel of the app, you will find all the logs with the relevant names, such as SMS logs, call logs, URL logs, GPS logs, and so on.

Mobile Spy Official Website has a demo portal to see a sample of data monitored. 

Mobile Spy Features   

Mobile Spy lets you monitor the target phone’s activities virtually in real time. All the recorded logs are uploaded safely to your online account which is easy and safe to access with the help of username and password. Whenever you want to monitor the activities, you can simply login to your online account without physically accessing the target smartphone. The following logs are available in the online control panel.
  • SMS Logs: View all the SMSs sent and received through the target phone. The logs include phone number, full-length content of the SMS, time of SMS, and the contact name. 
  • Call Logs: View all the outgoing and incoming call logs of the target smartphone including the phone number, call time and duration, date, and the contact name.
  • Contact Logs: View the entire contacts list including the contact names, phone numbers, and other information, including the newly updated ones.
  • Email Logs: View all the outbound and inbound emails, including the full-length content, email ID, time stamps, and so on.
  • URL Logs: View all the URLs of the websites visited by the target user.
  • Photo and Video Logs: View all the photos and videos downloaded and captured through the smartphone.
  • GPS Logs: View all the visited locations of the target user along with the GPS location on Google Map.
  • Other Logs: View other logs such as memos, tasks, calendar events, and so on.

LIVE Control Panel (Add-On Feature)

Mobile Spy is a unique monitoring app that tops all the other mobile monitoring apps available in the market, with its add-on feature called LIVE Control Panel. With this advanced feature, you can perform remote live monitoring of the smartphone, as well as you can control the smartphone remotely at anytime and from anywhere. With LIVE Control Panel feature of Mobile Spy you can watch the live screen of the target smartphone, just like a Television, along with a Google map of the current location. It lets you send silent commands through SMS to control the target phone. This feature also sends the logs to your email at pre-selected intervals.

LIVE Control Panel Features
  • View The Live Screen: View the live screen of the target smartphone virtually in real time which gets updated every 90 seconds
  • Instant GPS Locations: You can get the instant GPS locations of the target phone along with a Google map.
  • Call Initiation: Initiate remote calling through an SMS command from the smartphone to any phone number
  • Send SMSs: Send SMSs to any mobile with the help of remote commands of the LIVE Control Panel
  • Lock and Unlock The Device: You can lock and unlock the target device through SMS commands
  • SIM Information: Get all the information of the SIM, which is helpful especially when the target person removes the current SIM and inserts a new SIM or when your phone is stolen.
  • Wipe Data: You can wipe the data from the target smartphone through an SMS command of LIVE Control Panel

Mobile Spy Advantages

Easy To Use: Now, with the invention of Mobile Spy, you can view all the activities of the smartphone without having to access it physically. All the activities recorded by the Mobile Spy will be updated to your online account at regular intervals. Everything you need to do is to login to your online account through an internet-enabled device.

Stealthy Functioning: Mobile Spy works in a stealth mode and hence the target user will not be aware of monitoring. Most of the monitoring apps available in the market leave footprints to the phone user that lets him know that someone is monitoring him. The app never shows on the phone’s screen until and unless you enter the key sequence that you got while purchasing Mobile Spy.

Reasonable Cost: Mobile Spy comes at a very reasonable price when compared to many surveillance apps that are available in the market. And, the best part is Mobile Spy offers more of advanced features than other similar apps.

Free SniperSpy: Users who subscribe for Mobile Spy for an year get a free SniperSpy, which helps them monitor a computer/laptop remotely.

Monitor Multiple Mobiles: Mobile Spy lets you monitor up to 3 smartphones simultaneously with single license, which is another important factor that makes many people to opt for Mobile Spy.


What Can You Do With Mobile Spy?

Employee Monitoring

Many organizations today provide mobile phones to their staff for exclusive office use.  Sometimes, they have to pay huge bills every month for their staff’s mobile phone usage. But, are you sure that your employees are really using the mobile phones just for office use? The answer is simple – Mobile Spy. This monitoring app lets you monitor all the cell phone activities of your employee, so that you will get to know if he is doing any personal calls, wasting work hours on social networking sites, and if he/she is leaking company information to your rival businesses, and so on.

Monitor Your Kid’s Mobile Phone Usage

Today’s kids, particularly teenagers have a big danger with the availability of internet facility at their fingertips. But, with the adverse usage of smartphones, now it is your responsibility to monitor your child’s smartphone too. So, you can take help of Mobile Spy to monitor each and every cell phone activity of your child, including browsing history and GPS tracking. You can take necessary steps if you find that your child is misusing his cell phone privileges.

Track Your Own Lost Phone

Most people use a cell phone to its fullest potential. With its increased usage arises the necessity to remove the older messages. At the same time, it is quite common that many people either forget their mobile phones somewhere or misplace them. Previously, it was not possible to take back up of SMSs or calls, and other data from a cell phone. Mobile Spy software lets you do all this without having to do it physically. You just have to install the Mobile Spy software in your phone. It starts automatically whenever you turn on your phone, and records the logs and updates them to your online account time to time. This is a great way to keep track of important conversations and communications, to view them online whenever you want to. This is helpful especially when you need a proof of action.

Find a cheating Spouse 

Do you think that your spouse is cheating? Relationship is a delicate matter and it may lead to unnecessary breakup between faithful partners if misjudged wrongly because of possessiveness. Hence, you need to confirm it before you come to a conclusion. Mobile spy is the best solution for these kinds of situation and it can even save your marriage.

Mobile Spy Support

MobileSpy is developed to help its users throughout their monitoring needs. Whenever you have any queries on Mobile Spy, you can raise a support ticket in the official website, and send the question to the support team. You will receive the response within 24 hours of time. However, most queries are answered sooner.

You also have an option of contacting the technical support through a toll free number, which is available from 9am to 5 pm EST, 365 days a year. Mobile Spy also offers other support options, such as Searchable Knowledge Base, User Guide, Locate a Previous Order, and Recover Your Download.


To conclude, Mobile Spy is an advanced monitoring app that can fulfill all your monitoring requirements without needing your physical intervention with the smartphone. Besides its invisible functioning, Mobile Spy’s LIVE Control Panel and its support options make the app stand on the top of all the other monitoring apps available in the market. 


Blackberry Spy Software

Blackberry Spy software is the latest entrant in the field of mobile spying specially devised to monitor blackberry devices. It won’t be an overstatement if it is labeled as ‘the king of invisible spies’. There is hardly any activity on the Blackberry mobile that can befool the monitoring ability of this wonderful software. People are always worried about the safety of their mobile phones and also of the family members using them. This software is a silent observer and records the activities of the mobile you are interested in, live as well as in historic mode that too in complete secrecy. The mobile number being monitored will not have even an iota of clue that there is any monitoring activity going on.

Features of Blackberry Spy software

Some of the lovable features of this exceptional software application are:

1. Optional facility of Live Control Panel: This facility is the most innovative feature of this spy software. If the curiosity or concern level is too high to get satisfied with mere text data, one can opt for this facility to get the location of the mobile phone and its user in the form of a map. The minute-to-minute recording of the activities of the mobile and their real time display on the Live Control Panel imparts more tangibility to the whole recorded material.

2. Call and SMS tracking: All the calls made from the Blackberry phone and received can be tracked using this software.

3. GPS and Cell ID locations: This is the kind of tracking which is of utmost use when the areas visited by the Blackberry mobile user are under suspicion. The real time recording of GPS location allows the software user to confirm the live location of the mobile user and these can be used as evidence against lies or breaking of certain rules like use of mobile phone while driving.

4. Email/Contacts/Website tracking: Since Blackberry user can perform a number of internet activities on the mobile phone it helps the tracker to monitor the internet activities of the target user. The concerned parents can easily find out if their children are in touch with safe people and can prevent them from falling into the bad company.

Apart from these features, tasks, memos and calendar notes stored and the applications installed on the Blackberry mobile can also be traced categorically with the use of this software. Such kind of tracking is beneficial for office environments. In addition to keeping track of the suspicious activities of dishonest employees, if the software is installed on the software purchaser’s mobile, it can act as a powerful backup for the data stored in the mobile phone.

Blackberry Spy Software from Mobile Spy

The security providing aspect of this cell phone spy is well assured with the help of services like SIM change notification, cell tower change notification and so on. This helps the mobile owner to trace the lost mobile in a matter of few minutes. Blackberry Spy software introduced by Mobile Spy is one of the most dependable software available in the market. These are very easy to install and work secretly on the target mobile phone. All you have to do after purchasing is registering an account. After which a hidden tracking application needs to be installed onto the Blackberry phone that has to be monitored. This application uploads all the activities of the Blackberry to your unique member account which can be viewed by you periodically to monitor the activities.

As the software works entirely in a stealth mode and is independent, it does not rely on the targeted phone calls and database of messages to monitor and record the activities. This is exactly the reason why you can derive the data and retain it even if the child, employee or whoever you are targeting tries to delete the usage history.

So go ahead and monitor the Blackberry mobiles of your kids, employees or spouse or anyone that is inhibiting you from having a good night sleep.

Windows Mobile Spy Software

Cell phone spy software programs are boon to track people whom one suspects of any misdemeanor.  The windows mobile spy software is excellent software and the users of the same are on a constant rise.  This spy software is of great use to parents who are anxious about their children and their activities.

Installation of Windows spy software is very simple. One has to go to the concerned spy software website and get registered. Once registered an exclusive account will be provided and the software can be downloaded. The downloaded software needs to be installed in the targeted phone and after this it can control the whole operation remotely without any issues.

Mobile Spy is a leading spy software developer that provides mobile monitoring solutions for concerned parents, employees, spouses and so on. The software is compatible with various mobile platforms like iPhone, Blackberry, Android Phones, Windows Phone and many others. The features of mobile spy software for Windows phones are noteworthy.

Features and Advantages of Window Spy Software from Mobile Spy

  • Discreet nature of the spy software is the main advantage of this technologically advanced product.  The software stays in the smart phone discreetly and the person whose phone is targeted would have no clue that the phone is being tracked. The technology adopted by the software is amazing which is why the secrecy is maintained. This feature is the main reason why this software is the most opted alternative to spy a smart phone. This software maintains the privacy and also gives complete and accurate information about the happenings in the targeted phone.  
  • Geo Tracker is another attractive feature of the spy software. The GPS application in the phone along with the tracker in the spy software enables to track the location of the phone. This tactful software gives constant alerts either via a mail or message about the whereabouts of the person using the targeted phone. 
  • Comprehensive Tracking is possible with the help of windows mobile spy software. Users can get complete details of the 
  1. Dialed calls, received calls, time of the call and duration of the call. The details would be alerted even if it is deleted from the phone.  
  2. Sent as well as received messages along with numbers and content. Names of the person would be displayed in case numbers are assigned with names.
  3. Other online activities like mails, messages sent through chat and messengers Users also get complete access to the sites viewed and the social networks used.
  4. All data that is stored in the smart phone and all files like images, videos and music stored or shared by the targeted phone.

Cheaper and simpler alternative: It is a simpler and cheaper alternative in comparison to private detectives. Anxious parents used to hire private detectives to know what their children were up to. The windows mobile spy software has made it simple for those parents who are worried about the security of their children. The spy software is a lot more simple and cheaper than the private investigator. Also there can be some error in the information that is provided by the private investigator but there can be no error in the first hand information that is provided by the spy software.

Care should be taken while choosing this advantageous spy software. Windows spy software that is compatible should be chosen else the whole purpose of spying would be ruined.

Android Spy Software

Mobile Industry has welcomed the Android spy software with open arms. This has been designed specifically for the Android operating system. With the powerful monitoring features available in this hi tech mobile spy product, tracking of cell phones has become extremely convenient and easy. It has the capabilities to reveal the truth of the phone owner either for the company eyeing their employee with suspicion or for a suspicious spouse or worried parents.

Easy Installation

Generally, the mobile spy software is easy to install and take just a few minutes. First the user has to purchase the software from the desired vendor and download the software from its official website. Then follows the installation for which the user needs to have onetime access to the target phone that has to be monitored. The user can follow the instructions and install the spy software which would start working in stealth mode immediately after restarting the phone. The features of Android spy
software are amazing and Mobile Spy is a leading vendor in supplying Android Spy Software.

Features of Mobile Spy for Android phones

The advanced features of Mobile Spy software for Android phones include the following.
  1. Direct loading of the program to the android phone which you need to monitor is possible. It stays completely discreet unless you activate the interface to edit or modify any settings.
  2. Unique Online Control Panel wherein you can login to your account and check the recorded details
  3. Easy Accessibility from any phone or PC web browser - You can view the
    phone's location live, perform commands remotely and also obtain the email recorded logs as well as phone's information straight to your e-mail address.
  4. Maintains Logs of Social Networking – All the activities carried out on Twitter, Facebook, etc., can be recorded.
  5. Records calendar events – All special events recorded on the calendar can also be monitored.
  6. Tracking of calls - All incoming calls and outgoing calls can be tracked. The time and the duration of the call are also recorded.
  7. Monitoring of messages - All messages that are received as well as triggered from the targeted phone can be monitored without any hassles.
  8. Complete access to the contacts list can be availed of the targeted phone.
  9. Tracing the location of the phone with the aid of the Geo tracker is possible and you can trace the same remotely.
  10. Online activities tracing – Provides complete idea about the various online activities that are done using the phone can be accessed.
  11. Phone memory accessibility - An absolute access to the phone memory of the targeted phone can be achieved.
In short, a comprehensive idea of whatever happens through the targeted phone can be traced.
Get the right android spy software and know what is happening around.

What is all inclusive when you purchase the Android Spy Software?

You can be rest assured of the state of the art technology when you opt for Android spy software as well as top notch support and after sales service. Here is what you can get for the entire length of your subscription:

Download Instantly – You can instantly download the software after ordering as well as request for
new downloads whenever required.

Step by step installation guide instructions – In-depth instructions are provided to guide you through each step of the way.

3 devices Monitoring possible – With just one subscription you can monitor three different mobile devices.

24/7 tech support – Any problems or queries can be resolved by a 24/7 online support provision.

Free Updates – You are entitled to free updates of the software whenever they occur.

Sniper Spy Free software for your PC – If you go for an annual subscription then you are entitled for this wonderful software to monitor your PC.

So if you are in the market for cell phone monitoring especially an Android then Mobile Spy would be the appropriate choice. With an efficient set of logging and GPS tracking tools with enhanced features and security options it is instrumental in providing effective surveillance benefits with excellent results. So you can invest in this wonderful Android spy software and learn the truth the easier way and relieve yourself of suspicion, doubts and worries.

Eblaster Mobile Software Review

Eblaster Mobile is a powerful cell phone spy software that allows monitoring of the smart phones to ensure that the child is not up to anything that is undesirable or illegal. This software is a boon for parents to have a complete check on their children.

Features of Eblaster - The Eblaster is the basic software that allows checking the activities that happen in the smart phone. It has basic logging features of a spy software and some advanced features like Geo tracking.

Advantages of the Eblaster

  • The best asset of eBlaster is its capabilities regarding logging. Allows parents to know the calls that are made from the phone and also the calls that are received on the phone. The duration of each call can also be monitored along with the time at
    which the calls are made or received. Parents can also access the voice mail box of the phone. 
  • The photos and videos that are stored on the mobile can also be monitored in combination with the email activity. This mobile spy application also has the capability to monitor all web sites and pages viewed on the smart phone. Even the specific chats provided by phones like BlackBerry device can be monitored. All the BBM chat conversations can be viewed.
  • The stealth mode is yet another feather in its cap as it is not detectable and operates discreetly. It does not disrupt any kind of daily usage of the cell phone. The whole purpose of spying would be futile if the software is not discreet.
  • A complete list of the messages that the child sends or receives will be notified along with the numbers. Messages are recorded so even when deleted from the phone it can be viewed by parents.
  • The GPS tracking facility option will always alert the parent about where the child is. 
  • Software can be accessed easily by providing a password in the child’s phone. 
  • In case any aid is needed the 24 hours customer service representatives of Eblaster are ready to help. Eblaster provides amazing after sales and support services where in all your queries are clarified with a live chat, email or telephone system by skilled customer support representatives. FAQ section and knowledge base at the website provide a good deal of assistance for users and an additional guidance and support.
  • The Eblaster is not compatible with a lot of smart phones. As of now phones that have android platform and blackberry phones are compatible with this software.

Installation Process

The installation process of this software is very undemanding. The first step is parents need to register with the site. They have to check if the software is compatible with the model and the operating system of the smart phone. After this the software needs to be purchased and installed in the child’s phone directly and the monitoring begins.

Eblaster is excellent mobile spy software that enables the parent to know what is required instead of checking every activity that is done in the phone. This control software allows parents to monitor their children effortlessly

iPad Spy Software

iPad spying software is in great demand in today’s world as everyone strives to keep themselves, their loved ones as well as professional data secure and safe. iPad monitoring software helps to keep silently a record of all the activities that are going over the web or in normal usage in the iPad. It has become imperative for those employers who have equipped their staff with iPads or smartphones for enhancing their business. It is also beneficial for the parents who are worried that their kids may take some wrong path or about the security and activities of the kids using highly advanced iPads.

Mobile Spy

The world of Mobile Spy is proud to include PeekTab the first spy software for the Apple iPad. It has the capability to unravel the complete Truth about the whereabouts as well as the activities of the iPad owner.

How It Works

Spy software comes in varying ranges depending upon its strength. PeekTab is one of the earliest spy software for the iPads and on buying it the person gets a username along with a password by which he can access his iPad’s live status and can even go over the web to know about the activities that were carried out place in iPad. From the call logs to the SMS logs; from the handling of pictures to the net accessing everything can be traced at one juncture.

The software is very user-friendly and users can use it at any place in any corner of the world. The software is installed on the iPad after you purchase it and it keeps on working silently in the background without the target user knowing about it. It tracks all the activities and uploads the data on the user’s account which the user can handle later.

E-mail handling, activity, SMS logs, call logs all can be traced and you would be secure. You can know whether your children are watching any illegal content that doesn’t suit them or your wife is secretly carrying out her affair with the person next door over Skype.

User –interface: It is highly interactive software that is monitored solely by the owner. There is high interaction between the user and the system.  Apple has recently prevented the installation of third party applications but for this software we have to keep in mind that it is “jailbroken” and it can be installed on the iPad for monitoring.

Features of IPAD spy software:

 The iPad spy security offers these premium features on the move -

  1. E-mail logging details
  2. GPS tracking
  3. Notes capturing
  4. URL logging
  5. Video and photo logging
  6. I-message spying

Mobile Spy fulfils the criteria of being anonymous by running in stealth mode and one cannot find any trace of the program in the iPad. Once the software is setup it silently does its work. You can access your account from any browser wherein you get all the details of the tracked iPad.

Whatever may be the reason for investing in iPad spy software but one thing is definite it will help and enable individuals to take care of their business, kids and relieve them of suspicion in their personal life and make life easier for all.

iPhone Spy Software

iPhone is a versatile device that has completely changed the perception of one’s view. Mobile technology has also evolved new concepts like monitoring of children, employees and spouses. iPhone spy software is advanced cell phone spy software that allows you to completely track down all that is done via the iPhone. It is a boon for organizations and employers who are concerned about what their employee is up to. However there are laws in some countries that allow tracking the iPhone only if it is owned by the person who is tracking it. Say for an instance if an employee’s iPhone needs to be tracked the iPhone should be owned by the organization.

Purchase and Installation

iPhone spy software is provided by leading cell phone spy software developers like Mobile Spy. The people who are concerned about the mobile phone activities of their kids, employees and spouse can purchase the iPhone spy software from the desired supplier and install it on their target phones.

Steps to Install the iPhone Spy Software

The steps involved in the process of installation are very simple. They are: 

  • Identify the right spy software. Choose genuine software and download that software, as there are plenty of software programs that are available in the market.
  • After downloading the genuine software install it on the phone that needs to be traced.
  • Immediately after installation start accessing and get data about the phone by operating from a remote location.

Mobile Spy

Leading iPhone spy software from developers like Mobile Spy completely works in stealth mode and starts recording activities immediately after installation. The user can verify the recorded activities through the online account set up with the vendor’s website. Mobile Spy offers sophisticated features for monitoring an iPhone.

Features of the iPhone Spy Software from Mobile Spy

  • Once installed the IPhone spy software can be accessed effortlessly through any computer or iPhone without making it apparent to the user of the targeted phone. 
  • The iPhone spy software is completely automatic and starts running and sending out alerts as soon as the phone is switched on. 
  • All calls made as well as received would be recorded along with the time and duration. There are also options to record calls or also join a live call without the targeted phone user’s knowledge. 
  • All SMS as well as MMS that are triggered from the phone and received by the phone can be accessed. The numbers from which the messages are received or to which messages are sent are also made available to the tracker. In case names are assigned to numbers the trackers will be alerted.  The data alerted to the tracker of the information will still remain even when it is deleted from the iPhone.
  • All applications that are accessed by the targeted phone user will be notified. A complete list of the internet activities that are doon in the phone will also be recorded. This mobile phone spy software enables people to have a complete access to the data that is stored in the phone memory. This includes the contacts, images, videos and music. 
  • The GPS option in the iPhone along with the tracker of the spy software will give the exact location of the phone. There are some iPhone software that allow the tracker to set boundaries for the phone. This means when the targeted phone goes beyond that boundary it would not work.  

The iPhone Spy software is an amazing software that operates discreetly and does not arouse any doubt to the target phone user. This software is meant not only for organizations but it is also ideal for anxious parents and spouses.

Stealthgenie Review

Addiction to smart phones is on the rise and it is leading to numerous hassles. A concerned employer, a distraught spouse or a hassled parent cannot do much about the addiction but what they can definitely do with the advanced technology available is at least monitor what the employee, spouse and child is up to. A good cell phone spy software allows monitoring smart phones efficiently.

StealthGenie Pros & Features

StealthGenie is brilliant software that is compatible with most of the smart phones like blackberry, iPhone and all phones with an android platform. It is very sophisticated software that comes with a lot of features.

  • The Call monitoring option offered by the StealthGenie is exhaustive. This option includes a host of features. 
  1. All incoming and outgoing calls are monitored and stored even if deleted from the phone. 
  2. The call history is stored along with the number and the name of the contact in the member area
  3. The duration and the time of the calls will also be uploaded in the member area.
  4. Allows having a call conference during a live call without the target even realizing the call is being intercepted.
  5. Complete access to the voicemail of the target phone.
  • Messages monitoring feature saves all the incoming as well as the outgoing messages from the tracked phone even when they are deleted from the phone.  Also enables to send messages from the member area to any number that is there in the contact list of the tracked phone. The recipient would have no clue that it is sent by someone else and would completely believe that it is from the targeted phone as only the targeted phone number would be displayed.
  • The Geo Tracking feature enables to locate the smart phone. Boundaries can also be defined using this feature. Instant alerts would be received when the targeted phones leave the boundary area.
  • Recording the surroundings of the target phone - There are commands that allow recording the background where the target phone is at a particular time. All that needs to be done is to set a command specifying the duration and the time in which the surroundings need to be recorded. The smart phone that is tracked would simply follow the command and record the same in the member area.
  • Auto updating of contacts - All contacts on the targeted phone will be stored in the member area and would be refreshed automatically when the tracked phone adds or deletes any contact.
  • Complete access of the targeted phone memory is possible with the help of StealthGenie. All photos and videos that are taken or shared from the targeted phone are uploaded in the member area.
  • Chats via Instant messengers saved - Conversations that happen through messengers like Gtalk, Facebook, Yahoo messenger are all stored and can be viewed. Also a comprehensive list of the sites visited, bookmarks made and other mail messages would be tracked and stored in the member area.  
  • StealthGenie also alerts when SIM card is changed in the targeted phone.

Installation Process of StealthGenie seems to be very simple.  The following steps are involved with the installation process.

  • Register on the website and have an exclusive member area.
  • Purchase the software and install it on the target phone.
  • The step by step instructions are provided by the vendor.
  • After this, all commands are remote and there is absolutely no necessity to see the targeted phone.

StealthGenie is a perfect choice as it efficiently caters all the mobile spy needs.

Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews

Cell phone monitoring has become a routine affair in today’s world as it is able to give substantial information about a person’s life based on his or her mobile activities and data. And with the growing demand for the tracking of mobile phones, the supply of cell phone spy apps has also been on the increase.

Uses of cell phone spyware

People from different walks of life are making use of mobile monitoring apps to get at the truth about their near and dear ones. Parents who are worried that their kids are putting their mobiles to inappropriate use, bosses who are unsure of their team members’ integrity & trustworthiness, husbands and wives who are insecure about their spouses’ actions are just some people who might jump at a chance to unleash the power of cell phone spyware and find out what really happens behind their backs.

Mobile spyware can also act as backup applications. A person might install it on his or her own mobile so that the mobile data is stored elsewhere and he can even track his mobile if it gets lost.

Typical features of cell phone spy software

Some of the features on offer from mobile spy applications are basic ones and are found to be commonly provided by nearly all of them.

Some of the options that are provided by all mobile monitoring software include call monitoring which gives details relating to calls like phone numbers, date, time and direction, SMS text tracking where the text of even deleted messages are available, tracking of emails & sites visited which helps the monitoring person to understand the information being accessed and swapped by the mobile user with others.

Similarly, GPS location tracking for GPS enabled devices, which logs the cell phone’s location at regular intervals, and remote access to cell phone data like Contacts, stored pictures and video files are additional facilities that most mobile spyware give to their customers.

The installation procedure and the viewing procedure of recorded mobile activity logs too are rather uniform across the various monitoring apps. Typically, the user buys the app of his or her choice. At this point he is asked to create an account on the app server which he can subsequently access to view the information passed on from the monitored mobile phone.

Next, he downloads and installs the app on the target mobile; for carrying out this step he needs the instrument physically. After this he chooses the data to be monitored such as calls, SMS, emails, chat messages or more. Now the cell phone spyware begins to run, unseen in the background without affecting the mobile’s functionality in any way. The mobile spyware typically encrypts the data before passing it to the server for security reasons.

Given below is a review of some of the most popular cell phone spyware around. It primarily covers additional parameters that differentiate them. Users should ideally take into consideration both the basic features and the distinctive ones of mobile spyware before forming their choice.

 Mobile Spy

  • Compatible with Symbian, Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile
  • Quick and easy to install and use
  • Has Live panel option using which user can look into the monitored cell phone screen
  • Application blocking options
  • Facility for remote locking and wiping of data
  • Normal pricing

Spy bubble

  • Compatible with Symbian, Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile
  • Quite simple to install and use
  • Call listening and bugging or listening into the cell phone’s environment 
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Works with Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Symbian, Nokia and Windows mobile
  • Very easy to use
  • Offers 24 hours live support
  • Provides a 10 day money back guarantee
  • Moderately priced
  • Upgrades & updates available for free
  • Unlimited mobile instrument change
  • Supports multiple languages

Phone Sheriff

  • Functions on Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Symbian
  • Allows blocking phone numbers and creating time restrictions
  • Sends alerts based on keywords identified in SMS text
  • Gives option to wipe personal data from remote locations and to get latest SIM info 
  • Online and phone based tech support
  • Free updates to existing customers
  • Competitive pricing

My mobile watchdog

  • Specially meant for parental control of children’s mobile instruments
  • Allows limiting applications including use of mobile camera
  • Options for web blocking to prevent certain site visits
  • Permits setting of time restrictions
  • Telephone and email support given
  • Option for a daily summary report of activities to be sent to email
  • Alert options when unauthorized activity happens

Stealth Genie

  • Functions with Android, iPhone and Blackberry OS
  • Pretty easy to use
  • Options to record cell phone surroundings or listen live for up to 15 feet
  • Extensive reporting 
  • Options to define virtual fences 
  • Moderate cost


  • Works on mobiles with Symbian, Android, iPhone OS, Blackberry OS and Windows OS
  • Quite uncomplicated to use
  • Gives a 10 day money back guarantee
  • Is available in English, Spanish and Russian


  • Works on Symbian, Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows mobile
  • Average pricing
  • Anti theft options like data backup, listening to calls made, listening to voices and conversations in the cell phone’s immediate surroundings
  • Tracking mobile device even when GPS does not function

eblaster mobile

  • Available for Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry
  • Moderate cost
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week support on phone
  • Allows user to set up virtual boundaries with key locations in the locality; in case the mobile owner goes beyond the set virtual fences, user gets an alert message

Now after going through the review of so many of the more popular cell phone spy products, their basic as well as unique features quite in detail here, customers ought to be able to come to a quick conclusion on which product to go with.

Of course, it would still be a good idea for people to visit the website of the monitoring apps that they find most attractive and dig out further points about them. This way, they can be sure of what they will get for their money and can utilize the features to the maximum possible extent.

MSpy Reviews

Androids, iPhones, Windows mobiles and so many more smartphones have proliferated to an incredible extent all over the world. People are able to do several things using their mobile, on the go. Consequently, there is a huge amount of information available on such phones which when tapped can give a thorough insight into the mobile owner’s activities. Mobile monitoring apps such as mSpy have been developed with the sole idea of helping users who have a need to monitor and track mobiles.

Here is a review of mSpy which gives a peek into what this app can do for its customers:

A foreword on mSpy

mSpy is a sophisticated cell phone spy app which can gather a range of data from almost any smartphone, silently and invisibly operating in the background. This spyware utilizes the same advanced technology used by law enforcement departments. With mSpy, recording and viewing mobile usage and data is very simple.

Users register an mSpy server account, install mSpy on a compatible smartphone and configure settings to determine what data and activity are to be tracked. Now mSpy begins to pass data back to the app server. Users can just sign into their specific accounts from any web browser and get information on the activities being carried out using the mobile instrument.

Regular mSpy features

With mSpy mobile monitoring app, customers get to do the following:

  • View call logs
  • View all the SMS text
  • Check Address book
  • Track phone location either using GPS or cell phone ID when GPS is unavailable
  • Activate bugging of conversations that take place around the mobile by pre-setting a record time on the mSpy control panel 
  • Take a look at the photos and videos stored in the phone
  • Get to know what events have been marked, what memos are saved and what tasks have been planned

Other attractive features from the mSpy stable

  • Data encryption which ensures that all mobile activity logs are encrypted before being uploaded into the application server; data is 100% secure and protected from third party interception.
  • Unlimited device change facility permits users to change the mobile device to be monitored and activate mSpy on the new target instrument at no extra cost
  • Logging into the mSpy control panel and viewing recorded logs in real time
  • $ 99 for 3 months and other packs with a 10 day money back guarantee 
  • Customer support provided through chat, phone, email or help desk quickly and effectively resolves any technical issues raised by users

Phones supported by mSp

mSpy is built to be compatible with an extensive range of smartphones and operating systems. mSpy works with operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian. A few of the phone models it supports include Samsung, HTC, iPhone, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Philips.

Cell phone monitoring and tracking is easy and effective with mSpy. Anxious parents can quickly spot what their children are doing, employers can trail their dubious employees and spouses can watch their partners’ every move from far away using the valuable mSPy mobile tracking application.

Spybubble Reviews

Smartphones use is mounting up every day and correspondingly, the need to monitor them is increasing too. There are countless situations that demand mobile monitoring. When people suspect the actions of someone around them, they can ferret out all the necessary information by placing the target mobile under the vigilance of a competent mobile monitoring app.

A number of mobile monitoring and tracking apps are doing the rounds in the market and a consumer has to be aware of what is exactly on offer in order to make an informed choice. One of the top mobile monitoring applications, Spy bubble, has many attractive features, including the call listening option, that speak for themselves to the discerning user.

Given below is a quick review of Spy bubble:

Spy Bubble features

The Spy bubble application allows users to sign in from a computer and observe a smartphone activity and data, even in real time. During the installation process, the user creates an account on the application server where the mobile related data will be uploaded secretly. He can view these at any time.

User can do the following things without the risk of detection:

  • See call logs, including deleted ones
  • View SMS text of incoming and outgoing messages, including deleted ones
  • See the phone’s location on Google Maps with Spy bubble’s GPS tracking facility
  • Skim through the mobile’s phone book to know all contact details
  • Track emails being exchanged, with the complete text
  • Track URLs visited on the mobile’s browser
  • View pictures that are sent from the phone and received

With the advanced PRO version of Spy Bubble, user can:

  • Hear things live by listening into the target phone conversations quietly
  • Tune into the environs of the mobile and listen to significant sounds/ voices in the phone’s vicinity

Supported phones 
Spy bubble supports a huge range of smartphones and mobile OS, giving customers the ability to track a wide variety of instruments. User can easily monitor Blackberry, Android, Symbian, iPhone, iPad and Windows phones with multiple versions of their respective operating systems, using the feature laden Spy bubble app.

Customer Support

Users typically look for solid customer support, even post sales. If they are caught with a problem on their hands, they would need immediate assistance in resolving it. Spy bubble is well equipped for customer support. Users can submit their requests and follow up on the request status using the app’s request tracking system. There is an option to send in an attachment file; customers can submit screen shots to support their issue description.


Evidently Spy bubble has the capability to track and monitor mobiles effectively and efficiently. So, whether it is spouses wanting information on what their better halves are doing or it is a mother desiring to know how her son is using the mobile given to him or an employer waiting to catch his staff red handed while he is leaking vital company data to the enemy camp, Spy bubble is there to do its job and provide users with the required mobile monitoring power!

Free Cell Phone Spy

Mobile Spy is a popular monitoring app which is compatible with most types of currently available cell phones and mobile platforms. It has many features that have been designed with the primary intention of enabling you to know the truth. This monitoring app functions as a spy software or spyware by recording the details of all the activities of the cell phone in a secret manner;  not letting the user of the cell phone have even an iota of doubt that he is being spied upon. With the help of Mobile Spy, you can spy on your teen’s activities on the cell phone, keep a watch on your spouse’s calls, contacts and mails and on your employee activities during office hours.

If you really want to satisfy yourself about the benefits of Mobile Spy and how advantageous it is for you, you can take the free trial offered by the apps provider. You can use it for a period of 7 days for free and can purchase the app if you are fully satisfied with the performance of the spyware. Else, simply uninstall the program. The full version of Mobile Spy will be made available to you during the 7 day trial period and you will be allowed to make use of all features without any restrictions.

To make use of the trial version, you need to first register with Mobile Spy and create a user account. Once the account is created, you will be allotted a username and password. Next, install the app with the trial version on your cell phone. As soon as the installation process is completed (Stepwise instructions can be accessed through the user manual), Mobile Spy is all set to start functioning. By logging into your trial user account, you can review the details of activities on the target phone.

The features that are available to the user with the trial version are:
  • The spyware records all details with respect to calls made or received, emails and texts exchanged, websites browsed, contacts stored in the phone, location details of the phone and contents of the pictures and videos that are available on the cell phone on which Mobile Spy is installed. You can review all such information from any computer, from any remote location in real time.
  • 7 days prior to purchasing the mobile Spy software, you can weigh the pros and cons of the software by utilizing its features. You can also evaluate the service in terms of customer support and technical help.
  • The same user account can be retained and used even after purchasing the software.
  • The spyware functions silently during the trial period.
  • Trial users are benefited with full support and documentation.
  • A zip file contains instructions if you want to uninstall the spyware in case of dissatisfaction.
  • After creating the user name, you need to accept the terms of use. 

There is also the facility of an online demo which you can view before embarking on the purchase of Mobile Spy. There is a host of monitoring features available with Mobile Spy and it is ideal to purchase for all concerned parents, employees and spouses. By paying the subscription fees before the trial period expires, you can keep the account activated and start deriving benefits from Mobile Spy. Subsequent to purchase, you will be allowed to make use of several optional features like Live Control panel and reverse phone lookup.

My Mobile Watchdog Reviews

Are you a paranoid parent? Do you lose sleep over your child’s mobile habits? Are you bothered about the psychological effect on your child subjected to cyber abuse? Here’s application software that will offer respite from all problems caused by the improper use of mobile phones. As a parent, it is your bounden duty to safeguard your kids. But it is impractical to monitor each of their activities and also doing so would interfere with their independence. The easy solution to the same is provided by My Mobile Watchdog. It is top rated parental control software that offers innumerable features to help parents to monitor their kid’s activities and protect them from any emerging threats. The popularity of My Mobile Watchdog is high because it is used by the FBI, Homeland Security and also endorsed by the law enforcement.

Works visibly

Almost all features present in cell phone monitoring apps are found in My Mobile Watchdog. What sets this apart is that your child is very well aware that he is being monitored, unlike other such apps which function in the stealth mode. When you install such an app on your child’s cell phone, it acts as a moral deterrent and will prevent the child from making any wrong move, hence the app aptly named the Mobile Watchdog. The benefit of this app over similar other apps is that your child will not rebel that he is being suspected but will understand that the My Mobile Watchdog is intended solely for his safety. This way, both the parents as well as the child are happy. With the installation of My Mobile Watchdog, you can receive alerts when your child accesses any prohibited numbers and receives or sends any text which include sexting or objectionable content in the form of pictures and videos.

Restricting features of the software

My mobile Watchdog helps you block certain websites or specific applications. Children are quite inquisitive and are buddies with the internet. They do derive a lot of good information that is beneficial for their personal and academic life. But they do not realize the negative effects of improper use of various apps and websites. Being vulnerable, they are victimized by cyber bullying or exposed to unsuitable web content inappropriate for their age. To prevent such access, parents can with the help of this app software, restrict access to social networking sites, which are a haven for pedophiles to stalk gullible children and teens. To ensure that your child browses internet only when you are at home, you can restrict the time of usage of the internet.

Records made by the software

My Mobile Watchdog keeps a register of all calls, text messages, contacts and all pictures and videos taken or sent through the smartphone.  Details of all calls and messages including the entire content is recorded and sent to the parent’s email or to the user account of  the purchaser. The installation of My Mobile Watchdog is very simple and has excellent customer support through phone and email. The user guide provided with the application clearly details the features and the functionality of this app software.

Overall, My Mobile Watchdog is a top rated parental control software and is compatible with most smartphones currently available. The most appealing features of this app are the ability to warn the parents immediately through SMS alerts about the misuse of the phone. The application blocking feature is an added standout feature.

Phonesheriff Reviews

Phonesheriff is a top rated parental control software which is compatible with almost all smartphones like iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Children, especially teenagers are glued to their smartphones and use them for both in a beneficial as well as detrimental way. To protect and safeguard their interests, it is necessary to install certain monitoring applications on the smartphones.

Phonesheriff is one such application that provides parental control software offering a host of benefits for parents to monitor their child’s activities. The very user friendly interface and the numerous features combined with the efficient customer support ranks Phonesheriff among the top monitoring software.

Locking and keyword sensing features

Most kids use the smartphone for making calls and sending SMS texts. In order to help you to keep a tab on the usage of the phone, you can lock the phone at specified times. By doing so, your kid cannot make or receive any calls during his class or study time. With the help of this software application, it is also possible for you to prevent incoming or outgoing calls from specified numbers. The most notable feature of Phonesheriff is its system of issuing SMS alerts, the moment your kid or teen receives or sends texts containing specific words. The software can be pre programmed to identify such keywords and issue alerts. This will enable you, as the parent to know the contents of your child’s text messages and prohibit him or her from using abusive text language and texting.

GPS Tracking and Blocking features

The GPS tracking feature in the Phonesheriff allows you to track the child’s movements. You can easily track if your kid is present in the class during school hours. The GPS feature is also very helpful if your child has lost his way or is kidnapped. Child pornography and cyber stalking by pedophiles are gaining storm in the cyber world. The effective way to protect your child is by installing the Phonesherrif parental control software. You can track the websites browsed by the child and block applications which are inappropriate for children. With the help of Phonesheriff, the parent can also impose restrictions on the time and duration of the internet usage. Using the Phonesheriff you can also view the photos and videos on the smartphone. This feature allows you to have control over the pictures sent or received via the smartphone.

Installation of software

The installation procedure is very simple and easy. You need to download it from the official website and install it on the smartphone physically. The most advantageous feature of Phonesheriff is that it is totally undetectable. Neither does it leave any trail of installation nor does it indicate its presence during functioning. It operates very secretly in a stealth mode and your children will have absolutely no inkling that they are being monitored. The application software starts functioning immediately after installation and transmits all the data with respect to calls, location, SMS texts, pictures and videos to the user account. This account can be accessed by the parent remotely at all times to keep a watch on their child’s activities.

To conclude, Phonesheriff is indeed top parental control software which is very easy to install and use and offers many features to help parents to safeguard their kids from cyber bullying.

How To Track Cell Phones Using Cell Phone Spy Software

The emerging cell phone threats have necessitated the need for cell phone spy software. These spy software are designed with features that are intended to protect your cell phone and prevent unauthorized access to your cell phone. We use the cell phone for our numerous day to day activities, even to the extent of storing our financial details and bank account passwords. To ensure the safety of the device as well as the information stored in it, you can install cell phone spyware.

Many such spywares are marketed with very advanced features which are primarily targeted at ensuring the safety of the cell phone user. The cell phone spyware offers easy installation procedures. Only at the time of initial set up, you need to have access to the phone. Once downloaded from the official website and installed on the target mobile phone, the spyware will start functioning discreetly. The recorded information can then be accessed anytime from anywhere through the online account set up with vendor’s website. Cell phone spyware allows you to monitor all the activities of the cell phone on which it has been installed.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is very popular cell phone spy software which is compatible with most of the latest generation of cell phones. The spyware is designed with many features that help you to monitor your kids, spouse and employees. Mobile Spy is rated high in customer satisfaction and has been involved in the innovation and development of cell phone spyware for a long time. One of the unique features offered by Mobile Spy is the Live Control panel which enables the user to gain control on the cell phone remotely and access real time information of the targeted cell phone. It also offers the facility of monitoring multiple cell phones with a single user account. There are many features in Mobile Spy that help you to monitor the activities of the cell phone from any remote location.

Functions inconspicuously

The most advantageous feature of Mobile Spy is that it operates in a very discreet way, without raising any suspicions about the presence of any such app on the cell phone. You will be surprised to know that there will be no visible identification of installation or operation. This stealth feature enables you to sneak a peek into the activities of your spouse, kids or employees.

Pinpoints the phone location

Mobile Spy is embedded with a GPS tracking device which can trace the location of the lost or misplaced cell phone. This feature will help you very much in emergencies like your child being lost. By logging in to the Mobile Spy user account, you can easily trace both the cell phone and the child.

Operates the cell phone remotely through SMS commands

Mobile Spy offers its users the facility to use SMS commands to block or allow applications on the cell phone. The user can lock or unlock the cell phone, can delete details pertaining to any calls, mails, texts or pictures to prevent access by strangers. It is also possible to gather the current location of the cell phone as well as the SIM information in the phone. All these safety operations can be done with just SMS commands.

Apart from the above mentioned features, Mobile Spy offers a multitude of features. You can gather all details by visiting the official website at The website offers comprehensive information in respect to the features as well as the various purchase plans available.

How To Spy On a Cell Phone

It is a unanimous agreement that cell phones have changed our way of life. We make use of their features in almost all our daily activities. This inclusion of the cell phone in our way of storing professional and financial information makes it easier for us to retrieve the desired information at all times. But benefits always are accompanied with some problems. Your spouse may be making use of the cell phone to do things without your knowledge, or your kids may skip classes and visit a disco. Your employees may be using the cell phone for divulging any business sensitive information to your rivals. To help you to uncover the truth, cell phone spy software helps you to monitor the activities of the cell phone.

An internet search for cell phone spyware will offer you innumerable choices. You can choose one based on your requirements and your budget. Once you have purchased the spy software from its official website, you can proceed to install the same by downloading the spyware. It takes hardly a few minutes. The cell phone once restarted will have the app installed. The most acclaimed feature of such cell phone spyware is that they operate in a stealth mode, which is the main requirement to ensure that the targeted cell phone user carries on with his normal activities without  any doubts.

Mobile Spy is one such popular cell phone spyware which makes use of the latest in surveillance technology. This spyware is compatible with most cell phones and has found favor with many cell phone users who intend to monitor the real time activities of their children or employees. There is available a host of beneficial features in Mobile Spy that help you to safeguard your children and your business interests.

Spying features in Mobile Spy

Find where your child is at any point of time

Is your child going out on weekends regularly citing extra classes or group study? Does he come home late every day? You can easily know where he is using the GPS tracking device. This allows you to know the exact location of your child. With the installation of the mobile spy, you can find out if your kid is lying about where he was, was he skipping classes or was he indulging in some wrong activities.

Track all the calls

You can monitor all calls that are routed through your kid’s or employees' cell phones. Mobile Spy silently records all calls and lets you know with whom conversations have taken place. You can gain information with whom your child is having a call and for how long. Tracking the phone calls will enable you to find out if any of your employees are having contacts with your business rivals.

Availability of Live Control Panel

Mobile Spy has this added feature which enables the user of the spyware to gain real time access to information. This feature is of great help in live viewing of the cell phone screen and its current location, which can be obtained through GPS.  Using the live control panel platform you can issue remote commands to lock the cell phone or erase its contents. All this can be done remotely in real time.

It is very beneficial to install cell phone monitoring apps like Mobile Spy to secure the cell phone as well as the information contained in it. By installing the same you can weed out dishonest and non- performing employees. It also helps you to safeguard your kids from cyber bullying.