Mobistealth Review

Mobistealth is cell phone monitoring software that works on Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, and iPhones. It is the next generation monitoring software for smartphones. The software offers advanced features to its users to know the unseen truth through its innovations to keep your tracking activities secure and safe. The suspect will not be indicated that the software is active and working on his phone. The software helps you to monitor the activities in just minutes.

How Does Mobistealth Work?

In order to use the services of Mobistealth on a cell phone, you need web connectivity, web browser in addition to Mobistealth software downloaded on your cell phone. You can find out how the software performs its functions effectively. The step by step instructions specified will help you to understand the overall mechanism of Mobistealth with ease.

Step 1: Register online to download the application and install the same on the target cell phones.
Step 2: Mobistealth begins to record every event that happens on the cell phone or computer
Step 3: The recorded data is delivered to your online account
Step 4: Once the above steps are complete, you can supervise the data through your online account irrespective of where you are as long as you have web connectivity

Features of Mobistealth

  • Listen to calls secretly
  • Read text messages
  • View contacts and call history
  • Track location via GPS in real time
  • View videos and pictures stored in the phone
  • Phone Wipe
  • Spy Call
  • Surround Recording
  • URL Logs
  • And more
Benefits of Mobistealth

  • Protect Your Child: The world is full of bad influences and threats for your children, and you cannot be there always physically to safeguard them. Mobistealth offers full control over cell phone of your child. If you want to protect your children from dangers such as sexting, then Mobistealth is a perfect solution for you.  
  • Monitor Employees & Track Location: The employee monitoring software from Mobistealth helps employers to enforce organization policies on company owned mobile phones. With the help of Mobistealth software, you can also keep tabs on your sales person in order to detect their current locations. You can track the inefficiency of employees, take necessary steps to improve the efficiency, and enhance their performance.  
  • Cell Phone Protection: With the help of mobistealth, you can locate and safeguard your Windows Mobile, Nokia, Android, Blackberry, and iPhone. You not only protect your cell phone, but also track your lost or stolen cell phone through Mobistealth. The software provides backup option for all your videos and pictures, text messages, contacts, SIM change notification, and much more.


Thus, if you want to track the sites of your children, employees or loved ones, then Mobistealth is an appropriate application that meets your requirements. Mobistealth provides answers you deserve to know with pricing that starts from $0.50 per day. The software is one of the best investments any individual can make for the betterment of his personal and professional life. You can have a glimpse of its effectiveness through the user reviews updated on several websites.