Android Spy Software

Mobile Industry has welcomed the Android spy software with open arms. This has been designed specifically for the Android operating system. With the powerful monitoring features available in this hi tech mobile spy product, tracking of cell phones has become extremely convenient and easy. It has the capabilities to reveal the truth of the phone owner either for the company eyeing their employee with suspicion or for a suspicious spouse or worried parents.

Easy Installation

Generally, the mobile spy software is easy to install and take just a few minutes. First the user has to purchase the software from the desired vendor and download the software from its official website. Then follows the installation for which the user needs to have onetime access to the target phone that has to be monitored. The user can follow the instructions and install the spy software which would start working in stealth mode immediately after restarting the phone. The features of Android spy
software are amazing and Mobile Spy is a leading vendor in supplying Android Spy Software.

Features of Mobile Spy for Android phones

The advanced features of Mobile Spy software for Android phones include the following.
  1. Direct loading of the program to the android phone which you need to monitor is possible. It stays completely discreet unless you activate the interface to edit or modify any settings.
  2. Unique Online Control Panel wherein you can login to your account and check the recorded details
  3. Easy Accessibility from any phone or PC web browser - You can view the
    phone's location live, perform commands remotely and also obtain the email recorded logs as well as phone's information straight to your e-mail address.
  4. Maintains Logs of Social Networking – All the activities carried out on Twitter, Facebook, etc., can be recorded.
  5. Records calendar events – All special events recorded on the calendar can also be monitored.
  6. Tracking of calls - All incoming calls and outgoing calls can be tracked. The time and the duration of the call are also recorded.
  7. Monitoring of messages - All messages that are received as well as triggered from the targeted phone can be monitored without any hassles.
  8. Complete access to the contacts list can be availed of the targeted phone.
  9. Tracing the location of the phone with the aid of the Geo tracker is possible and you can trace the same remotely.
  10. Online activities tracing – Provides complete idea about the various online activities that are done using the phone can be accessed.
  11. Phone memory accessibility - An absolute access to the phone memory of the targeted phone can be achieved.
In short, a comprehensive idea of whatever happens through the targeted phone can be traced.
Get the right android spy software and know what is happening around.

What is all inclusive when you purchase the Android Spy Software?

You can be rest assured of the state of the art technology when you opt for Android spy software as well as top notch support and after sales service. Here is what you can get for the entire length of your subscription:

Download Instantly – You can instantly download the software after ordering as well as request for
new downloads whenever required.

Step by step installation guide instructions – In-depth instructions are provided to guide you through each step of the way.

3 devices Monitoring possible – With just one subscription you can monitor three different mobile devices.

24/7 tech support – Any problems or queries can be resolved by a 24/7 online support provision.

Free Updates – You are entitled to free updates of the software whenever they occur.

Sniper Spy Free software for your PC – If you go for an annual subscription then you are entitled for this wonderful software to monitor your PC.

So if you are in the market for cell phone monitoring especially an Android then Mobile Spy would be the appropriate choice. With an efficient set of logging and GPS tracking tools with enhanced features and security options it is instrumental in providing effective surveillance benefits with excellent results. So you can invest in this wonderful Android spy software and learn the truth the easier way and relieve yourself of suspicion, doubts and worries.