Blackberry Spy Software

Blackberry Spy software is the latest entrant in the field of mobile spying specially devised to monitor blackberry devices. It won’t be an overstatement if it is labeled as ‘the king of invisible spies’. There is hardly any activity on the Blackberry mobile that can befool the monitoring ability of this wonderful software. People are always worried about the safety of their mobile phones and also of the family members using them. This software is a silent observer and records the activities of the mobile you are interested in, live as well as in historic mode that too in complete secrecy. The mobile number being monitored will not have even an iota of clue that there is any monitoring activity going on.

Features of Blackberry Spy software

Some of the lovable features of this exceptional software application are:

1. Optional facility of Live Control Panel: This facility is the most innovative feature of this spy software. If the curiosity or concern level is too high to get satisfied with mere text data, one can opt for this facility to get the location of the mobile phone and its user in the form of a map. The minute-to-minute recording of the activities of the mobile and their real time display on the Live Control Panel imparts more tangibility to the whole recorded material.

2. Call and SMS tracking: All the calls made from the Blackberry phone and received can be tracked using this software.

3. GPS and Cell ID locations: This is the kind of tracking which is of utmost use when the areas visited by the Blackberry mobile user are under suspicion. The real time recording of GPS location allows the software user to confirm the live location of the mobile user and these can be used as evidence against lies or breaking of certain rules like use of mobile phone while driving.

4. Email/Contacts/Website tracking: Since Blackberry user can perform a number of internet activities on the mobile phone it helps the tracker to monitor the internet activities of the target user. The concerned parents can easily find out if their children are in touch with safe people and can prevent them from falling into the bad company.

Apart from these features, tasks, memos and calendar notes stored and the applications installed on the Blackberry mobile can also be traced categorically with the use of this software. Such kind of tracking is beneficial for office environments. In addition to keeping track of the suspicious activities of dishonest employees, if the software is installed on the software purchaser’s mobile, it can act as a powerful backup for the data stored in the mobile phone.

Blackberry Spy Software from Mobile Spy

The security providing aspect of this cell phone spy is well assured with the help of services like SIM change notification, cell tower change notification and so on. This helps the mobile owner to trace the lost mobile in a matter of few minutes. Blackberry Spy software introduced by Mobile Spy is one of the most dependable software available in the market. These are very easy to install and work secretly on the target mobile phone. All you have to do after purchasing is registering an account. After which a hidden tracking application needs to be installed onto the Blackberry phone that has to be monitored. This application uploads all the activities of the Blackberry to your unique member account which can be viewed by you periodically to monitor the activities.

As the software works entirely in a stealth mode and is independent, it does not rely on the targeted phone calls and database of messages to monitor and record the activities. This is exactly the reason why you can derive the data and retain it even if the child, employee or whoever you are targeting tries to delete the usage history.

So go ahead and monitor the Blackberry mobiles of your kids, employees or spouse or anyone that is inhibiting you from having a good night sleep.