Free Cell Phone Spy

Mobile Spy is a popular monitoring app which is compatible with most types of currently available cell phones and mobile platforms. It has many features that have been designed with the primary intention of enabling you to know the truth. This monitoring app functions as a spy software or spyware by recording the details of all the activities of the cell phone in a secret manner;  not letting the user of the cell phone have even an iota of doubt that he is being spied upon. With the help of Mobile Spy, you can spy on your teen’s activities on the cell phone, keep a watch on your spouse’s calls, contacts and mails and on your employee activities during office hours.

If you really want to satisfy yourself about the benefits of Mobile Spy and how advantageous it is for you, you can take the free trial offered by the apps provider. You can use it for a period of 7 days for free and can purchase the app if you are fully satisfied with the performance of the spyware. Else, simply uninstall the program. The full version of Mobile Spy will be made available to you during the 7 day trial period and you will be allowed to make use of all features without any restrictions.

To make use of the trial version, you need to first register with Mobile Spy and create a user account. Once the account is created, you will be allotted a username and password. Next, install the app with the trial version on your cell phone. As soon as the installation process is completed (Stepwise instructions can be accessed through the user manual), Mobile Spy is all set to start functioning. By logging into your trial user account, you can review the details of activities on the target phone.

The features that are available to the user with the trial version are:
  • The spyware records all details with respect to calls made or received, emails and texts exchanged, websites browsed, contacts stored in the phone, location details of the phone and contents of the pictures and videos that are available on the cell phone on which Mobile Spy is installed. You can review all such information from any computer, from any remote location in real time.
  • 7 days prior to purchasing the mobile Spy software, you can weigh the pros and cons of the software by utilizing its features. You can also evaluate the service in terms of customer support and technical help.
  • The same user account can be retained and used even after purchasing the software.
  • The spyware functions silently during the trial period.
  • Trial users are benefited with full support and documentation.
  • A zip file contains instructions if you want to uninstall the spyware in case of dissatisfaction.
  • After creating the user name, you need to accept the terms of use. 

There is also the facility of an online demo which you can view before embarking on the purchase of Mobile Spy. There is a host of monitoring features available with Mobile Spy and it is ideal to purchase for all concerned parents, employees and spouses. By paying the subscription fees before the trial period expires, you can keep the account activated and start deriving benefits from Mobile Spy. Subsequent to purchase, you will be allowed to make use of several optional features like Live Control panel and reverse phone lookup.