iPad Spy Software

iPad spying software is in great demand in today’s world as everyone strives to keep themselves, their loved ones as well as professional data secure and safe. iPad monitoring software helps to keep silently a record of all the activities that are going over the web or in normal usage in the iPad. It has become imperative for those employers who have equipped their staff with iPads or smartphones for enhancing their business. It is also beneficial for the parents who are worried that their kids may take some wrong path or about the security and activities of the kids using highly advanced iPads.

Mobile Spy

The world of Mobile Spy is proud to include PeekTab the first spy software for the Apple iPad. It has the capability to unravel the complete Truth about the whereabouts as well as the activities of the iPad owner.

How It Works

Spy software comes in varying ranges depending upon its strength. PeekTab is one of the earliest spy software for the iPads and on buying it the person gets a username along with a password by which he can access his iPad’s live status and can even go over the web to know about the activities that were carried out place in iPad. From the call logs to the SMS logs; from the handling of pictures to the net accessing everything can be traced at one juncture.

The software is very user-friendly and users can use it at any place in any corner of the world. The software is installed on the iPad after you purchase it and it keeps on working silently in the background without the target user knowing about it. It tracks all the activities and uploads the data on the user’s account which the user can handle later.

E-mail handling, activity, SMS logs, call logs all can be traced and you would be secure. You can know whether your children are watching any illegal content that doesn’t suit them or your wife is secretly carrying out her affair with the person next door over Skype.

User –interface: It is highly interactive software that is monitored solely by the owner. There is high interaction between the user and the system.  Apple has recently prevented the installation of third party applications but for this software we have to keep in mind that it is “jailbroken” and it can be installed on the iPad for monitoring.

Features of IPAD spy software:

 The iPad spy security offers these premium features on the move -

  1. E-mail logging details
  2. GPS tracking
  3. Notes capturing
  4. URL logging
  5. Video and photo logging
  6. I-message spying

Mobile Spy fulfils the criteria of being anonymous by running in stealth mode and one cannot find any trace of the program in the iPad. Once the software is setup it silently does its work. You can access your account from any browser wherein you get all the details of the tracked iPad.

Whatever may be the reason for investing in iPad spy software but one thing is definite it will help and enable individuals to take care of their business, kids and relieve them of suspicion in their personal life and make life easier for all.