Phonesheriff Reviews

Phonesheriff is a top rated parental control software which is compatible with almost all smartphones like iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Children, especially teenagers are glued to their smartphones and use them for both in a beneficial as well as detrimental way. To protect and safeguard their interests, it is necessary to install certain monitoring applications on the smartphones.

Phonesheriff is one such application that provides parental control software offering a host of benefits for parents to monitor their child’s activities. The very user friendly interface and the numerous features combined with the efficient customer support ranks Phonesheriff among the top monitoring software.

Locking and keyword sensing features

Most kids use the smartphone for making calls and sending SMS texts. In order to help you to keep a tab on the usage of the phone, you can lock the phone at specified times. By doing so, your kid cannot make or receive any calls during his class or study time. With the help of this software application, it is also possible for you to prevent incoming or outgoing calls from specified numbers. The most notable feature of Phonesheriff is its system of issuing SMS alerts, the moment your kid or teen receives or sends texts containing specific words. The software can be pre programmed to identify such keywords and issue alerts. This will enable you, as the parent to know the contents of your child’s text messages and prohibit him or her from using abusive text language and texting.

GPS Tracking and Blocking features

The GPS tracking feature in the Phonesheriff allows you to track the child’s movements. You can easily track if your kid is present in the class during school hours. The GPS feature is also very helpful if your child has lost his way or is kidnapped. Child pornography and cyber stalking by pedophiles are gaining storm in the cyber world. The effective way to protect your child is by installing the Phonesherrif parental control software. You can track the websites browsed by the child and block applications which are inappropriate for children. With the help of Phonesheriff, the parent can also impose restrictions on the time and duration of the internet usage. Using the Phonesheriff you can also view the photos and videos on the smartphone. This feature allows you to have control over the pictures sent or received via the smartphone.

Installation of software

The installation procedure is very simple and easy. You need to download it from the official website and install it on the smartphone physically. The most advantageous feature of Phonesheriff is that it is totally undetectable. Neither does it leave any trail of installation nor does it indicate its presence during functioning. It operates very secretly in a stealth mode and your children will have absolutely no inkling that they are being monitored. The application software starts functioning immediately after installation and transmits all the data with respect to calls, location, SMS texts, pictures and videos to the user account. This account can be accessed by the parent remotely at all times to keep a watch on their child’s activities.

To conclude, Phonesheriff is indeed top parental control software which is very easy to install and use and offers many features to help parents to safeguard their kids from cyber bullying.