My Mobile Watchdog Reviews

Are you a paranoid parent? Do you lose sleep over your child’s mobile habits? Are you bothered about the psychological effect on your child subjected to cyber abuse? Here’s application software that will offer respite from all problems caused by the improper use of mobile phones. As a parent, it is your bounden duty to safeguard your kids. But it is impractical to monitor each of their activities and also doing so would interfere with their independence. The easy solution to the same is provided by My Mobile Watchdog. It is top rated parental control software that offers innumerable features to help parents to monitor their kid’s activities and protect them from any emerging threats. The popularity of My Mobile Watchdog is high because it is used by the FBI, Homeland Security and also endorsed by the law enforcement.

Works visibly

Almost all features present in cell phone monitoring apps are found in My Mobile Watchdog. What sets this apart is that your child is very well aware that he is being monitored, unlike other such apps which function in the stealth mode. When you install such an app on your child’s cell phone, it acts as a moral deterrent and will prevent the child from making any wrong move, hence the app aptly named the Mobile Watchdog. The benefit of this app over similar other apps is that your child will not rebel that he is being suspected but will understand that the My Mobile Watchdog is intended solely for his safety. This way, both the parents as well as the child are happy. With the installation of My Mobile Watchdog, you can receive alerts when your child accesses any prohibited numbers and receives or sends any text which include sexting or objectionable content in the form of pictures and videos.

Restricting features of the software

My mobile Watchdog helps you block certain websites or specific applications. Children are quite inquisitive and are buddies with the internet. They do derive a lot of good information that is beneficial for their personal and academic life. But they do not realize the negative effects of improper use of various apps and websites. Being vulnerable, they are victimized by cyber bullying or exposed to unsuitable web content inappropriate for their age. To prevent such access, parents can with the help of this app software, restrict access to social networking sites, which are a haven for pedophiles to stalk gullible children and teens. To ensure that your child browses internet only when you are at home, you can restrict the time of usage of the internet.

Records made by the software

My Mobile Watchdog keeps a register of all calls, text messages, contacts and all pictures and videos taken or sent through the smartphone.  Details of all calls and messages including the entire content is recorded and sent to the parent’s email or to the user account of  the purchaser. The installation of My Mobile Watchdog is very simple and has excellent customer support through phone and email. The user guide provided with the application clearly details the features and the functionality of this app software.

Overall, My Mobile Watchdog is a top rated parental control software and is compatible with most smartphones currently available. The most appealing features of this app are the ability to warn the parents immediately through SMS alerts about the misuse of the phone. The application blocking feature is an added standout feature.