Eblaster Mobile Software Review

Eblaster Mobile is a powerful cell phone spy software that allows monitoring of the smart phones to ensure that the child is not up to anything that is undesirable or illegal. This software is a boon for parents to have a complete check on their children.

Features of Eblaster - The Eblaster is the basic software that allows checking the activities that happen in the smart phone. It has basic logging features of a spy software and some advanced features like Geo tracking.

Advantages of the Eblaster

  • The best asset of eBlaster is its capabilities regarding logging. Allows parents to know the calls that are made from the phone and also the calls that are received on the phone. The duration of each call can also be monitored along with the time at
    which the calls are made or received. Parents can also access the voice mail box of the phone. 
  • The photos and videos that are stored on the mobile can also be monitored in combination with the email activity. This mobile spy application also has the capability to monitor all web sites and pages viewed on the smart phone. Even the specific chats provided by phones like BlackBerry device can be monitored. All the BBM chat conversations can be viewed.
  • The stealth mode is yet another feather in its cap as it is not detectable and operates discreetly. It does not disrupt any kind of daily usage of the cell phone. The whole purpose of spying would be futile if the software is not discreet.
  • A complete list of the messages that the child sends or receives will be notified along with the numbers. Messages are recorded so even when deleted from the phone it can be viewed by parents.
  • The GPS tracking facility option will always alert the parent about where the child is. 
  • Software can be accessed easily by providing a password in the child’s phone. 
  • In case any aid is needed the 24 hours customer service representatives of Eblaster are ready to help. Eblaster provides amazing after sales and support services where in all your queries are clarified with a live chat, email or telephone system by skilled customer support representatives. FAQ section and knowledge base at the website provide a good deal of assistance for users and an additional guidance and support.
  • The Eblaster is not compatible with a lot of smart phones. As of now phones that have android platform and blackberry phones are compatible with this software.

Installation Process

The installation process of this software is very undemanding. The first step is parents need to register with the site. They have to check if the software is compatible with the model and the operating system of the smart phone. After this the software needs to be purchased and installed in the child’s phone directly and the monitoring begins.

Eblaster is excellent mobile spy software that enables the parent to know what is required instead of checking every activity that is done in the phone. This control software allows parents to monitor their children effortlessly