Stealthgenie Review

Addiction to smart phones is on the rise and it is leading to numerous hassles. A concerned employer, a distraught spouse or a hassled parent cannot do much about the addiction but what they can definitely do with the advanced technology available is at least monitor what the employee, spouse and child is up to. A good cell phone spy software allows monitoring smart phones efficiently.

StealthGenie Pros & Features

StealthGenie is brilliant software that is compatible with most of the smart phones like blackberry, iPhone and all phones with an android platform. It is very sophisticated software that comes with a lot of features.

  • The Call monitoring option offered by the StealthGenie is exhaustive. This option includes a host of features. 
  1. All incoming and outgoing calls are monitored and stored even if deleted from the phone. 
  2. The call history is stored along with the number and the name of the contact in the member area
  3. The duration and the time of the calls will also be uploaded in the member area.
  4. Allows having a call conference during a live call without the target even realizing the call is being intercepted.
  5. Complete access to the voicemail of the target phone.
  • Messages monitoring feature saves all the incoming as well as the outgoing messages from the tracked phone even when they are deleted from the phone.  Also enables to send messages from the member area to any number that is there in the contact list of the tracked phone. The recipient would have no clue that it is sent by someone else and would completely believe that it is from the targeted phone as only the targeted phone number would be displayed.
  • The Geo Tracking feature enables to locate the smart phone. Boundaries can also be defined using this feature. Instant alerts would be received when the targeted phones leave the boundary area.
  • Recording the surroundings of the target phone - There are commands that allow recording the background where the target phone is at a particular time. All that needs to be done is to set a command specifying the duration and the time in which the surroundings need to be recorded. The smart phone that is tracked would simply follow the command and record the same in the member area.
  • Auto updating of contacts - All contacts on the targeted phone will be stored in the member area and would be refreshed automatically when the tracked phone adds or deletes any contact.
  • Complete access of the targeted phone memory is possible with the help of StealthGenie. All photos and videos that are taken or shared from the targeted phone are uploaded in the member area.
  • Chats via Instant messengers saved - Conversations that happen through messengers like Gtalk, Facebook, Yahoo messenger are all stored and can be viewed. Also a comprehensive list of the sites visited, bookmarks made and other mail messages would be tracked and stored in the member area.  
  • StealthGenie also alerts when SIM card is changed in the targeted phone.

Installation Process of StealthGenie seems to be very simple.  The following steps are involved with the installation process.

  • Register on the website and have an exclusive member area.
  • Purchase the software and install it on the target phone.
  • The step by step instructions are provided by the vendor.
  • After this, all commands are remote and there is absolutely no necessity to see the targeted phone.

StealthGenie is a perfect choice as it efficiently caters all the mobile spy needs.