iPhone Spy Software

iPhone is a versatile device that has completely changed the perception of one’s view. Mobile technology has also evolved new concepts like monitoring of children, employees and spouses. iPhone spy software is advanced cell phone spy software that allows you to completely track down all that is done via the iPhone. It is a boon for organizations and employers who are concerned about what their employee is up to. However there are laws in some countries that allow tracking the iPhone only if it is owned by the person who is tracking it. Say for an instance if an employee’s iPhone needs to be tracked the iPhone should be owned by the organization.

Purchase and Installation

iPhone spy software is provided by leading cell phone spy software developers like Mobile Spy. The people who are concerned about the mobile phone activities of their kids, employees and spouse can purchase the iPhone spy software from the desired supplier and install it on their target phones.

Steps to Install the iPhone Spy Software

The steps involved in the process of installation are very simple. They are: 

  • Identify the right spy software. Choose genuine software and download that software, as there are plenty of software programs that are available in the market.
  • After downloading the genuine software install it on the phone that needs to be traced.
  • Immediately after installation start accessing and get data about the phone by operating from a remote location.

Mobile Spy

Leading iPhone spy software from developers like Mobile Spy completely works in stealth mode and starts recording activities immediately after installation. The user can verify the recorded activities through the online account set up with the vendor’s website. Mobile Spy offers sophisticated features for monitoring an iPhone.

Features of the iPhone Spy Software from Mobile Spy

  • Once installed the IPhone spy software can be accessed effortlessly through any computer or iPhone without making it apparent to the user of the targeted phone. 
  • The iPhone spy software is completely automatic and starts running and sending out alerts as soon as the phone is switched on. 
  • All calls made as well as received would be recorded along with the time and duration. There are also options to record calls or also join a live call without the targeted phone user’s knowledge. 
  • All SMS as well as MMS that are triggered from the phone and received by the phone can be accessed. The numbers from which the messages are received or to which messages are sent are also made available to the tracker. In case names are assigned to numbers the trackers will be alerted.  The data alerted to the tracker of the information will still remain even when it is deleted from the iPhone.
  • All applications that are accessed by the targeted phone user will be notified. A complete list of the internet activities that are doon in the phone will also be recorded. This mobile phone spy software enables people to have a complete access to the data that is stored in the phone memory. This includes the contacts, images, videos and music. 
  • The GPS option in the iPhone along with the tracker of the spy software will give the exact location of the phone. There are some iPhone software that allow the tracker to set boundaries for the phone. This means when the targeted phone goes beyond that boundary it would not work.  

The iPhone Spy software is an amazing software that operates discreetly and does not arouse any doubt to the target phone user. This software is meant not only for organizations but it is also ideal for anxious parents and spouses.