MSpy Reviews

Androids, iPhones, Windows mobiles and so many more smartphones have proliferated to an incredible extent all over the world. People are able to do several things using their mobile, on the go. Consequently, there is a huge amount of information available on such phones which when tapped can give a thorough insight into the mobile owner’s activities. Mobile monitoring apps such as mSpy have been developed with the sole idea of helping users who have a need to monitor and track mobiles.

Here is a review of mSpy which gives a peek into what this app can do for its customers:

A foreword on mSpy

mSpy is a sophisticated cell phone spy app which can gather a range of data from almost any smartphone, silently and invisibly operating in the background. This spyware utilizes the same advanced technology used by law enforcement departments. With mSpy, recording and viewing mobile usage and data is very simple.

Users register an mSpy server account, install mSpy on a compatible smartphone and configure settings to determine what data and activity are to be tracked. Now mSpy begins to pass data back to the app server. Users can just sign into their specific accounts from any web browser and get information on the activities being carried out using the mobile instrument.

Regular mSpy features

With mSpy mobile monitoring app, customers get to do the following:

  • View call logs
  • View all the SMS text
  • Check Address book
  • Track phone location either using GPS or cell phone ID when GPS is unavailable
  • Activate bugging of conversations that take place around the mobile by pre-setting a record time on the mSpy control panel 
  • Take a look at the photos and videos stored in the phone
  • Get to know what events have been marked, what memos are saved and what tasks have been planned

Other attractive features from the mSpy stable

  • Data encryption which ensures that all mobile activity logs are encrypted before being uploaded into the application server; data is 100% secure and protected from third party interception.
  • Unlimited device change facility permits users to change the mobile device to be monitored and activate mSpy on the new target instrument at no extra cost
  • Logging into the mSpy control panel and viewing recorded logs in real time
  • $ 99 for 3 months and other packs with a 10 day money back guarantee 
  • Customer support provided through chat, phone, email or help desk quickly and effectively resolves any technical issues raised by users

Phones supported by mSp

mSpy is built to be compatible with an extensive range of smartphones and operating systems. mSpy works with operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian. A few of the phone models it supports include Samsung, HTC, iPhone, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Philips.

Cell phone monitoring and tracking is easy and effective with mSpy. Anxious parents can quickly spot what their children are doing, employers can trail their dubious employees and spouses can watch their partners’ every move from far away using the valuable mSPy mobile tracking application.