Spybubble Reviews

Smartphones use is mounting up every day and correspondingly, the need to monitor them is increasing too. There are countless situations that demand mobile monitoring. When people suspect the actions of someone around them, they can ferret out all the necessary information by placing the target mobile under the vigilance of a competent mobile monitoring app.

A number of mobile monitoring and tracking apps are doing the rounds in the market and a consumer has to be aware of what is exactly on offer in order to make an informed choice. One of the top mobile monitoring applications, Spy bubble, has many attractive features, including the call listening option, that speak for themselves to the discerning user.

Given below is a quick review of Spy bubble:

Spy Bubble features

The Spy bubble application allows users to sign in from a computer and observe a smartphone activity and data, even in real time. During the installation process, the user creates an account on the application server where the mobile related data will be uploaded secretly. He can view these at any time.

User can do the following things without the risk of detection:

  • See call logs, including deleted ones
  • View SMS text of incoming and outgoing messages, including deleted ones
  • See the phone’s location on Google Maps with Spy bubble’s GPS tracking facility
  • Skim through the mobile’s phone book to know all contact details
  • Track emails being exchanged, with the complete text
  • Track URLs visited on the mobile’s browser
  • View pictures that are sent from the phone and received

With the advanced PRO version of Spy Bubble, user can:

  • Hear things live by listening into the target phone conversations quietly
  • Tune into the environs of the mobile and listen to significant sounds/ voices in the phone’s vicinity

Supported phones 
Spy bubble supports a huge range of smartphones and mobile OS, giving customers the ability to track a wide variety of instruments. User can easily monitor Blackberry, Android, Symbian, iPhone, iPad and Windows phones with multiple versions of their respective operating systems, using the feature laden Spy bubble app.

Customer Support

Users typically look for solid customer support, even post sales. If they are caught with a problem on their hands, they would need immediate assistance in resolving it. Spy bubble is well equipped for customer support. Users can submit their requests and follow up on the request status using the app’s request tracking system. There is an option to send in an attachment file; customers can submit screen shots to support their issue description.


Evidently Spy bubble has the capability to track and monitor mobiles effectively and efficiently. So, whether it is spouses wanting information on what their better halves are doing or it is a mother desiring to know how her son is using the mobile given to him or an employer waiting to catch his staff red handed while he is leaking vital company data to the enemy camp, Spy bubble is there to do its job and provide users with the required mobile monitoring power!